Chiba BioXcell Air Bike Gloves

Chiba BioXcell Air Bike Gloves


Chiba's BioXcell Air Cycling Glove is a lightweight glove that offers protection against the numbing feeling that many Bike riders get.   Each BioXcell Air glove is made from lightweight materials, along with Chiba's unique padding that protects your Ulnar and Carpal nerves to prevent numbness.  

   The Glove is made of elastic, breathable materials for perfect fit and good ventilation.  The Palm is made of air mesh for an optimum ventilation with trimmings made of robust microfiber.   BioXCell padding – A 2-stage, anatomic gel cushion avoids numb fingers and provides Ulnar nerve & carpal tunnel protection - The gel padding reduces the pressure on the ulnar nerve  and the carpal tunnel.  

There is also a  Quick-Pull pull-off aid, reinforced thumb area, an “Easy-Clip” -  which holds the gloves together.  A Terry thumb is added to wipe off sweat, and each glove is washable in water up to 85F/ 30 °C (Cold) water.


More than 160 years ago Chiba was appointed by the Austrian emperor to be the supplier of gloves for the imperial family due to the high quality of their products and their skills.

Manufacturing gloves has always been a special skill. In former times it was necessary to select the right leather, tan it, sand it down to the correct thickness, stretch it and cut it to shape. A single mistake by the glove maker meant that the entire glove was unusable. But even today the demands regarding quality, functionality and durability are still high.

The first question when buying gloves should be whether your hands get numb, as 80% of all cyclists have problems here. In this case, a BioXCell glove from Chiba helps:

The BioXCell padding consists of an ergonomic 2-level special gel cushion that lies over the ulnar nerve in the palm area. The almost 0.8 cm thick ergonomic padding optimally protects the ulnar nerve. At the same time, the pressure points of the handlebars on the hand are changed and the pressure on the middle of the hand or carpal tunnel is greatly reduced. With BioXCell from Chiba, the numbness in the hands is gone in 80% of cases. If there are still problems with the hands despite BioXCell, the handlebars and grip position must be changed in addition to the gloves. Please also make sure that the glove is not too big, as in this case the ergonomic BioXCell padding is not positioned correctly (it is too far out) and does not work properly.


90% of the pain and numbness in the hands are due to the following reasons:

1. Pressure on the ulnar nerve that supplies the small and ulnar part of the ring finger.

2.Pressure on the carpal tunnel (supplies the remaining fingers)

3. Unnatural bent position of the hand in the wrist.

4. Shocks and vibrations that irritate tendons and nerves.