Ragim 64" 12 strand String for Recurve Bow

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  Ragim currently uses Stone Mountain Bow strings for our OEM strings in the USA.  Stone is a quality manufacturer of strings and provides Ragim with 12 strand and 16 strand strings for our Recurve and Longbows.

  • Nylon End & Loop Serving
  • Bonded Nylon Center Serving
  • Loop Size…
    • Top = 1 3/4″
    • Bottom = 1 1/4″      


  • *** Orders are placed using the AMO String Length***
  •    AMO is commonly used in reference to the overall bow length following the curvature of the limbs. Im most case, AMO will be printed on the bow along with the peak draw weight.  Industry standard remains a 4″ difference between the AMO length and the Actual Length on a RECURVE.