Chef 5 Minute Meals 72 Hour Emergency Pack

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72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit for One Person- 18 total servings, 6 self-heating meals, and 12 non-heating; supplies 3,555 calories. Contains 2 servings of self-heating Beef Chili with Beans (9 oz. each), 2 servings of self-heating Spaghetti & Meatballs (9 oz. each), 2 servings of self-heating Chicken Pasta Parmesan (9 oz. each), 3 packs Soft Whole Wheat Tortillas (2 tortillas each pack), 3 packs each of 1 oz. Grape Jelly, 3 Apple Cinnamon Meal Replacement Bars (75 grams each), and 3 Packets Instant Granola Cereal with Latte (60 grams each). Comes packaged in a water proof heavy duty plastic bag with carry handle. Includes components for 6 pouch style flameless heating systems. Supplies 3,555 calories.

72 Hour Meal Kit- enough food for 1 person for 3 days

Two servings of Beef Chili with Beans

Two servings of Spaghetti with Meatballs in Sauce

Two servings of Chicken Pasta Parmesan

Three packs of two soft whole wheat tortillas

Three 1 oz pouches of jelly

Three Grand Canyon Meal Replacement Bars

Three Instant Granola Cereal with Latte

Six heating elements, water activators, and cutlery kits