Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool 6 Pack

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  The Bug Bite thing is a terrific addition to your 1st aid kit, camping stuff, bathroom drawer- tackle box- anyplace you might need it to help with an insect bite, or splinter.



For best results, use immediately after a bite or sting. Keep one handy at all times. Put one in your car, in your bag, in your house, on your boat. They are lightweight and compact so you can carry one everywhere you go.


Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool. It is completely safe for all ages. TIP: Allow your child to get familiar with the tool before they get a bite or sting. Try it on them, let them play with it, make it a ‘fun’ experience.

*The tool contains small removable parts. Use with adult supervision.


No creams. No chemicals. Just suction! It's safe for everyone to use. Please note: You have complete control over the amount of suction/duration you use. Children or people with more sensitive skin require less suction to remove the irritant due to their thinner skin.


The suction can help bring splinters to the surface of the skin for easy removal (very convenient for children who may be afraid of using tweezers).