Water Purification

Drink Clean Water!   Aquatabs are the worlds top selling water purification tablets.  Used by Military units, Governments, the W.H.O., and many NGO/Aid groups worldwide.  

Remember the saying: "Just Don't Drink the Water" ?  If you have aquatabs you can travel  AND drink the water.  Just drop a tablet into a 1 liter water jug- shake it up- wait 30 minutes and you should be good to go! 

Keep them on hand in case of emergencies.  Hurricane Hit? Earthquake?  Boil Water alert?  Use aquatabs to help make sure your water supplies are safe.  If your water is coming out clear, each tablet protects 2 liters of water, if it's coming out cloudy use 1 tablet per liter.

Each Tablet cleans 1 liter of cloudy water or 2 liters of clear water.   If you run the water thru a basic filter to remove the larger dirt particles and bigger bugs (Crypto) , you can then make sure any Virus's or Bacteria are killed by Aquatabs.   Takes only 30 minutes!

EPA Approved!  Both the 30 Packs and the new 50 packs are EPA Approved for sale in the USA.  The small 8.5mg tablet is the ONLY Approved tablet for the USA.  Each of our items is using these EPA approved packages to make up higher quantities (2 packs of 50, 4 packs of 50, 10 packs of 50)

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