Ragim Archery Wildcat Plus Recurve Bow 68" 26lb RH

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The Ragim Wildcat Plus is an excellent bow for both beginners and experienced Archers. The Laminated riser offers you both strength and beauty, and has been designed to allow beginning archers to more easily hold the bow in the correct position. The Wildcat Plus includes Ragim's Patented "Bow Tuning System" which allows you to adjust the limbs alignment. The Riser is drilled and tapped for adding accessories, or you can shoot it using the shelf rest. The bow comes with a 12 strand string, and with Ragim's White Limbs. It will also accept the Black matrix limbs if you wanted to customize your bow. Additional Limb's are available in a variety of lengths and weights- so you never need outgrow this fine bow. As with all Ragim Models this bow is built by Italian craftsmen in an ISO Certified factory.