STRIKE Thigh holster, MP5K-M11-MP7-Vz61, adjust., black

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Thigh rig with adjustable weapon holster and two submachine gun mag pouches.
Fully adjustable thigh rig. With an ingenious attachment system, ad and place any type of MOLLE pouches anywhere you prefer, for a completely customizable platform. The height adjustable strap with side release buckle, lets you place the rig exactly in the ideal position, for a fast access to your equipment. The side release buckles lets you take it on/off quickly. Included are a dual magazine pouch for long slim mags, and a Tactical Multi Gun Holster that is adjustable in every way possible. Especially designed for pistols with light/laser attachments or small submachine guns like the Scorpion, M11 or MP9. 

  • Heavy-duty, abrasion and water resistant nylon exterior construction.
  • MOLLE platform, for complete customization.
  • 2 Magazine pouches.
  • Mag pouch have adjustable Velcro closures and elastic retention bands.
  • Drainage grommets in bottom of pouch.
  • Double leg straps with elastic and side release buckles.
  • Durable nylon webbing with low profile side-release buckles.

Fits various pistols w.lights and small submachine pistols.
Available in Black.

MOLLE (pronounced MOLLY as in the female name) is an acronym for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment and rucksacks utilized by the United States armed forces, especially the United States Army, and its use is also growing in the British Army in the form of the Osprey Modular systems. The system's modularity is derived from the use of PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing, rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched onto the vest as to allow for attachment of various MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories.