ASG Airsoft Pistol, GBB, STI Tac Master, US vers.

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STI TAC MASTER is based on the famous model 1911-A1 designed by legendary John M. Browning. This updated version features many improvements for better handling and usefulness, like a tactical accessory rail for mounting lasers or light. The 6mm Airsoft replica from ActionSportGames® is based on the original STI designs and made under license by STI. Therefore the pistol is made with the correct design and dimensions as well as authentic markings. Strong internal design allows the option of using a Co2 powered magazine, giving you a very powerful Airsoft gun firing BBs at 340 fps.


  • Rubber grip.
  • metal slide.
  • Ambidextrous frame mounted safety.
  • Grip safety.
  • Accessory rail.
  • Light weight hammer.
  • Original markings.
  • Metal outer barrel.
  • Triple dot sight.

Magazine, Gas.
Ref. 17182

Magazine, Co2.
Ref. 17183



Images depicted are not representative of the final product. US version of the product will have a federally-mandated blaze orange tip