Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle Surf 230cm

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The Carlisle Magic Plus is a lighter weight
option for recreational paddling. The fiberglass
reinforced polypropylene blades in bright colors
are lightweight and durable. The asymmetrical,
slightly curved blade shape combined with a
lightweight, flexible fiberglass shaft produces
smooth yet powerful strokes.

polypropylene blades
are both lightweight
and durable
Asymmetrical, slightly
curved blade shape
produces smooth,
efficient strokes
Lightweight, yet
strong, the fiberglass
shaft has an ovalized
grip and includes drip
No-fail push-button
take down allows
blades to be feathered
at 60° or inline, for
right and left-handed

The Carlisle Magic Plus recreational kayak paddle
is a Perfect Pairing with the following boats:
OLD TOWN: Sorrento / Loon / Dirigo
OCEAN KAYAK: Malibu / Tetra / Venus