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The new OD Version of the 20,000 Liter jerrycan gives you the equivalent of 40,000 bottles of water!  The Lifesaver technology allows you to take the worst water, and turn it into clean drinkable water.  The USA army has recently certified that this water purification system meets the NSF 248 Mil Spec Water Filtration standard- it is the ONLY manual system to have passed this stringent test.  

  Like all Lifesaver water products, it cleans water down to 15 Nano-meters- which is smaller than bacteria and virus's.  Clean clear water delivered in the worst conditions.   If you are camping, offroading, traveling to far away lands, or getting ready for a disaster- THIS IS THE WATER SYSTEM YOU WANT!

A robust and portable water filter capable of filtering 20,000 litres/5,282 US gallons of clean drinking water, removing viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites instantly. The LifeSaver Jerrycan holds up to 18.5 litres of water at any one time and is designed to support those with a greater demand for clean water such as group expeditions, adventurers embarking on overland travel, families or those setting themselves up for off-grid living.

The LifeSaver Jerrycan was designed to store and carry dirty water. We recommend storing dirty water, either in the Jerrycan or in other storage containers, and filtering through the Jerrycan as and when clean water is required, to prevent recontamination of previously filtered water.

Filter water for drinking, for washing with the addition of the LifeSaver shower attachment and for cooking. No need for chlorine or chlorine dioxide.

VIRUS REDUCTION* > 99.99%        (Log 4)
BACTERIA REDUCTION* > 99.9999%    (Log 6)
CYST REDUCTION* > 99.9%          (Log 3)
FILTER MEDIA Ultra Filtration (UF)
CHEMICAL REDUCTION Activated carbon filter removes chlorine, taste and odour, improving the palatability of water
DRY WEIGHT 3.9 kg/137 oz
VOLUME OF WATER FILTERED** 20,000 litres/5,300 US gallons
INITIAL FLOW RATE** 4 litres/min @ 0.6 bar (g)
JERRYCAN STORAGE CAPACITY 18.5 litres/4.9 US gallons