Ragim Black Buffalo ILF Bow LH 58" 45#

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Ragim's Black Buffalo ILF Bow combines the 19" Black Buffalo Riser and Ragim's XT-100 Limbs. The new riser design is a bit thinner in the handle making it more comfortable for a variety of users. The limb pocket has been redesigned to eliminate some of the wood, which combined with the thinner grip results in a bit lighter riser. The Limb Pockets are equipped with Lateral Limb Adjustments and use Steel Bolt Dowels for a steady feel when assembled. There is a wood shelf that you can shoot from, or room to add an arrow rest. Each Riser has inserts installed to allow you to add a variety of accessories like Sights, Stabilizers, or a Berger Button.
The XT-100 Limbs are designed to fit any ILF Bow and are marked to let you know what their poundage is on a different sized riser. Each Limb is constructed using Hard Maple and black Fiberglass and tested to ensure consistency. The limbs are easily replaced by taking off the string and pulling it from the end. Any ILF Limb will fit the riser, and these limbs are interchangeable with any you may already have.
Ragim is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer based in Italy. Each product is crafted to ensure that it meets their specifications and tested before shipping.